Betty Ann and Mitch

Mom Mom and Mom

Jacque and Mom

Jack, Spencer (Dad), and Natali

Mom Mom, Mitch and Jacque


Mommy Elisia and Our neice Natali

Uncle Mitch, Brianna, and Auntie Jacque

Jack and Uncle Mitch

Uncle Mitch, Stovo, and Little Jack



Mitch's Awesomeness & The Rockies Game

Heavy Equipment Cake!

Just walked in the door!

Becky & Drew (good luck charms for the Rockies)

We recently went to a Rockies game (5/30/09) and they were awesome! We won obviously! Mitch could not attend the game because he was in OK kicking some major hinney on his Crane Certification test. "Best we've ever seen" the crane instructors said! Here we are at the game and here is Mitch when he got home from the test that day. Mitch was rewarded with a heavy equipment cake and Sour Patch Kids from Becky and Drew because he is amazing!

Princess In the Snow!

Oh MAN! Every year I get thrown in a big pile of snow, and then they laugh, and laugh! We'll it's not funny guys, this stuff is freezing! Now I have to go in and clean my beautiful fur, ya BIG JERKS! Yeh, laugh it up! We'll see who's laughing when I refuse to
use the litter because I'm wet!
Princess Quigley
P.S. I miss Arizona!

March 20th... Spring Is Right On Time

Last Friday Spring appeared out of nowhere! The little buds have all blossoms already and are lookin' good! I love having all 4 season's...How did we ever live without them!
Only in God's Country!